Under-Eye Genius

Under-Eye Genius


It’s ‘wake-up make-up’ for dark circles under the eyes.

Suitable for all skin tones.

For brightening and moisturising under-eye dark circles before applying a skin-tone matching concealer.

Choose Light/Medium for blue-toned dark circles. Choose Medium/Deep for brown-toned dark circles.

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‎Formulated with sunflower & castor oils to moisturise and smooth the appearance of fine lines, and help to support for delicate skin barrier, visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles and improve the skin’s barrier, and high-tech high luminous intensity pigments to instantly scatter light.

Layer it OVER your eye cream and UNDER a skin-tone matching concealer for all-day-long energised eyes.

Meet the Beauty Pie Founder, beauty guru Marcia Kilgore.

Who’s behind BEAUTY PIE? Beauty, wellness and skincare expert, Marcia Kilgore.

You might recognize her as the founder of Bliss Spa. Or Oprah’s facialist – if you saw Oprah’s last show. Or the woman behind those amazing FitFlop sandals (yes, that was her too.) She likes to build things that make women, well, ecstatic.

And it might seem obvious now, but nobody else had tried to do anything like Beauty Pie, when MK got fed up with how the mainstream beauty industry works. “Most products retail for at least 12X what they really cost to make. And customers deserve better than that”. Now she’s disrupting the industry, and getting people a bigger piece of the BEAUTY PIE.

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