The Woman Vase
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The Woman Vase


Rachel Saunders’ most popular piece to date, this handmade stoneware vase is a miniature sculpture and an ode to womxn everywhere.

Measures approximately 6″-7″ tall, 4″ wide. 

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In the nature of the subject, each vase is a completely one of a kind, original sculpture.

Each piece undergoes a multistep process.

The stoneware vessel is carefully hand formed and detailed to create a unique shape, each slightly differing from the rest.

In each Woman Vase you will find similarities and natural flaws, adding to the beauty of the whole. 

Rachel Saunders is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from the West Coast of Canada currently working with clay as her primary medium. She places value on simplicity, functionality, sustainability, playfulness, and connection.

In her work she aims to highlight the inherent beauty of natural materials through self-taught technique and design. All pieces, both wheel-thrown and hand-built, are made in Rachel’s studio on Vancouver Island.

Rachel Saunders Ceramics was started in 2015 and continues to grow a loyal community of customers and students globally. Wheel-throwing and handbuilding classes are taught annually in a variety of cities with an emphasis on connection and meditative play.

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