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1x  Laylo Malbec
1x  Laylo Tinto de Estremoz

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Lot #10 Malbec
Despite its juicy mulberry, blackcurrant and cocoa flavours, Malbec is a fickle little number. The grape’s thin skin means it’s particularly sensitive to the environment – even the tiniest changes in soil, heat, altitude or rainfall can make a big difference to the taste.

Lot #12: Tinto de Estremoz
Made from 5 impossible-to-pronounce local varietals and a dash of Merlot, this bold, inky wine is all plump cherries and dark, mature fruit. A slight touch of French and Hungarian oak gives it a lick of spice, with tannins that taste like liquid velvet.

After working together at one the UK’s largest wine companies, Laura & Laura decided to search for a better solution. The answer had been under their noses the whole time – boxed wine! 

So they set out to make boxed wine better, by sourcing fantastic wine and creating beautiful boxes you’d be proud to share with friends.

Since then they’ve won awards, been featured in national newspapers, and sold their boxes at Selfridges. 

You’ve just discovered the smarter way to drink wine.  – Cheers!

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