‘Sky Is The Limit’ Yoga Mat

‘Sky Is The Limit’ Yoga Mat


The ‘Sky is the limit’ mat is made of natural, biodegradable tree rubber base and microfiber top.

Two layers are bonded together by a heat bonding process which eliminates the need of toxic glues.

The mat is only 1.5mm thick which makes it perfect for travel as it can be folded, rolled – you name it mat will do it!

It’s extra light and has a soft top layer made of a microfiber material which works according to moisture – the sweatier you get, the more grip you’ll have.

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Say hello to the full moon, feel it’s powerful pull, and recognize how it’s light illuminates the world that surrounds you.

It’s about peaking and releasing old, letting go of lower energies that came from negative events, and releasing habits that are no longer serving us…

Release your power, sky is the limit!

Kamila Kasperowicz – Wuufly Founder:

“At WUUFLY we believe that yoga is a journey.
The way you overcome obstacles on the mat to better understand and to accept yourself and the world around you.

WUUFLY mats are non-slip, anti-bacterial and mould proof!

​WUUFLY is a vegan company, 100% of our products are suitable for vegans. We use natural and recyclable materials. We want to reduce the amount of waste so all our packaging is recyclable. Even our tissue paper ia acid free and delivery CO2 neutral… Aww, we are so Eco!”

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