Serotonin Soak Salt

Serotonin Soak Salt


Want to bathe like a biohacker? Turn on the tub, tune into your body, and drop into SEROTONIN SOAK.

Uniquely formulated with Magnesium Zechstein Flakes, this powerful bath soak relaxes your mind, boosts your mood, and recalibrates your system.

For centuries, baths have been used to heal, restore, and re-center. Higher Dose combined the ancient art of bathing & the purest, science-backed ingredients available (Magnesium Zechstein Flakes, French Green Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, Essential Oils) to formulate SEROTONIN SOAK.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can bathe in it.

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Once a week (before bed or pre-or post PEMF), draw a hot bath and soak in SEROTONIN SOAK.

STEP ONE: GET PREPPED – Draw a hot bath and drop in four scoops (8oz) of SEROTONIN SOAK.

STEP TWO: GET HYDRATED – Sip on High-Dration Powder to prepare for this deep detox. Pop a CHILL CHEW to pre-activate your zen.

STEP THREE: GET HAPPY – Soak in SEROTONIN SOAK for 20-30 minutes. Enjoy deep physical detox & a mental lift.

STEP FOUR: DRAIN YOUR WORRIES – Watch the water, and all your worries, drain away.


“As two female biohackers, we’re passionate about inviting more people into the biohacking world and reimagining these tools for all bodies — so you can reconnect with your intuition and elevate to your highest state.

We’re making it sexy to sweat it out and even hotter to know the science behind what’s happening.

We’re harnessing the healing power of nature and fitting it into busy, overstressed schedules. And, we’re changing the way you think about beauty and wellness by building tools that ignite vitality from the inside out.
We’re so glad you’re here.”

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