Perkies Sticky Bra

Perkies Sticky Bra




Perkies No.1 signature product: the Perkies sticky bra, is the only sticky bra offering replaceable adhesives.

The Perkies Sticky Bra comes with two layered adhesives inside each cup, with pull tabs for easy removal.

Comfortable, flattering, clean, and most importantly, reliable, Perkies is the future of sticky bras.

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BACKLESS & STRAPLESS: Backless & strapless fabric bra connected at the front by a clasp.
STRONG ADHESION: Strongly sticks to the skin through the means of a silicone adhesive with a GENTLE removal.
LAYERED ADHESIVES: Comes with two sets of adhesives inside each bra cup (layered).
REUSABLE: Each adhesive layer can be worn several times.
HIGH QUALITY: The highest quality, medical grade, silicone adhesive.
EASY TO USE: Includes pull tabs for an easy removal of each adhesive layer.
PROTECTABLE: Comes with a plastic cover to re-cover the bra’s adhesive between wears.
WASHABLE: Comes with a lingerie bag to hand-wash your bra in.

Perkies was born out of a college course Perkies Founder, Rosie, took during her junior year of college.

The students were tasked to come up with an idea that solves a customer pain point and build out a business plan on the idea. After years of her own bad experiences with sticky bras (they lose adhesion, fall off when you sweat, and get dirty easily), Rosie thought of creating sticky bras with replaceable adhesives!

Upon hearing excellent  feedback on the idea itself and knowing there was a market for the product, Rosie decided to pursue it full time and bring this much needed product to life.

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