Organic Cleansing Cloths

Organic Cleansing Cloths


‎To gently exfoliate, polish and smooth skin for an effective cleanse and healthy-looking radiance. ‎

The 100% organic cotton side lightly scrubs skin to revitalize the complexion. ‎

The soft microfibre muslin side polishes and buffs skin for a visibly smoother finish.

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The perfect sidekick for any cleanser.

‎It’s like a great cotton washcloth gone ‘exponential’.

Perfect to deploy alongside any cleanser.

It’s got one side that gently scrubs, and another with a smooth skin grip for polishing and finishing.

A basic, but so much better. In a pack of three.

Meet the Beauty Pie Founder, beauty guru Marcia Kilgore.

Who’s behind BEAUTY PIE? Beauty, wellness and skincare expert, Marcia Kilgore.

You might recognize her as the founder of Bliss Spa. Or Oprah’s facialist – if you saw Oprah’s last show. Or the woman behind those amazing FitFlop sandals (yes, that was her too.) She likes to build things that make women, well, ecstatic.

And it might seem obvious now, but nobody else had tried to do anything like Beauty Pie, when MK got fed up with how the mainstream beauty industry works. “Most products retail for at least 12X what they really cost to make. And customers deserve better than that”. Now she’s disrupting the industry, and getting people a bigger piece of the BEAUTY PIE.

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