On The Glow Concealer

On The Glow Concealer




What’s in it:

6 individual pods of formula in a super cute, business card-sized box, optimized for portability.

The Kite concealer is medium coverage, natural finish, and formulated for versatility, so it can also be used as your full-face foundation, contour, or highlight in a pinch.



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WHY YOU NEED IT: Treat us like your go-anywhere glow-up. Stash a whole pack or individual pod in each of your bags, drawers, cars, pockets, or bras (we’re not judging 😜!) in case of makeup emergency.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Our proprietary formula is designed to build and blend seamlessly into bare skin or existing makeup, smoothing the appearance of all the worry lines, dark circles, or surprise pimples that seem to arise at the worst possible moment in the day.

hi! i’m nina

“I’m always late. No matter how much time I allot, I always find myself running to the train, makeup half-done, sweaty and out of breath. This was a huge issue when I worked in a high-pressure corporate job, as I was expected to look “put-together” all the time. But looking “put-together” was EFFORT– if I wanted to touch up my makeup before a big meeting or a night out, I had to bring my messy, bulky, heavy makeup bag with me allllllllll day.

Kite sprung from my own acute need for a more convenient solution, and the firm belief that we should all be able to look and feel our best, 100% of the time, with 0% of the hassle!”

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