‘More Energy’ Deodorant

‘More Energy’ Deodorant


This essential oil blend perks up your natural energy to turn fatigue into flow. 

  • 5 active essential oils that boost mood and stimulate metabolism
  • 5 powerful odor fighters that actually work (No B.O. No B.S.)
  • 5 potent sweat absorbers
  • 100% Natural | Aluminum Free | Paraben Free 

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Mood boosting formula: More than a scent, Mindalt has 4x the essential oils you’ll find in other natural deodorants.

Each of our essential oils have been scientifically proven to impact your brain’s nervous system and positively alter your mood state and wellbeing.

It’s the science of scent.

Active essential oils: Lemon, Sage, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Bergamot

“We’re a startup just doin’ our best — but that never means we can’t do better. We hold ourselves accountable the same way we expect you to, and just as we’ve iterated and iterated until we could put out the best possible natural deodorant that exists, we’ll keep working on the rest of it, scout’s honor.

  • plastic packaging for now, sustainable packing in our future.
  • bugs or glitches on the site? We’re fixin’ ‘em as asap. It’s all still pretty spankin’ new”

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