Masala Chai Blend

Masala Chai Blend


Chai Me At Home is the One Stripe Chai take on masala chai that’s brewed daily in South Asian homes around the world.

The strong black tea used in this blend is directly-sourced from a small organic and biodynamic farm in Assam, India.

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The One Stripe Chai founder, Farah, grew up in a home where chai was brewed twice a day!

This blend is based on her mom’s masala chai, with lots of strong black tea blended with cardamom, ginger, and black pepper.

Chai is a personal drink and can be different from home to home and person to person! Some people boil their water first and then add milk. Some people brew for a few minutes, while some will simmer for 10 minutes or longer! This recipe is meant to be simple – combining a little bit of everything at once and brewing for a longer period of time, making sure all the flavors combine perfectly for a strong cup of masala chai.

Farah Jesani, Founder + Chief Chai Officer

“I’m Indian so drinking chai is basically in my blood. I have memories with chai that most people in the US have with coffee.

I remember being young and watching all the “adults” drink chai religiously, anxiously waiting until I was “old enough” to have a mug of my own. At mosque, it was a ritual to meet by the chai stand in the courtyard where we dunked our Ritz crackers in chai as we caught up on school, life, and who-was-dating-who. In college, I abandoned my chai and Ritz ritual for a new libation – coffee.

Soon enough after college I was reacquainted with chai, but I still avoided ordering “chai lattes” at coffee shops because I always found them to be too sweet or incredibly bland. Fast forward 5 years, and I had quit my job in consulting and found myself in Portland launching a chai company to bring this South Asian beverage back to its roots.”

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