Faye Vase

Faye Vase


Celebrate curves with this gorgeous mini vase, perfect for styling on a shelf or dressing table.

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Size: 13 x 6.5 cm

Materials: glass and paint

Recommended use: with dried flowers only

“I’m MahamFounder of Cushion Talk. I was born in Pakistan and for the past decade, London has been my home.
The inspiration for the birth of Cushion Talk goes back to my home roots. My mother is an interior designer and also a manufacturer of furniture. During lockdown, in March 2020, I had a lot of spare time on my hands so I started stitching cushions using leftover fabric from her projects in an attempt to create something beautiful from pieces that would otherwise be thrown away.

Enjoying the creative process I started experimenting with other mediums and designs. I started selling vases after I received wonderful feedback from my audience when I posted my very first upcycled vase. My lockdown “passion project” took off and quickly turned into a part-time job and I’m proud to say, now my full-time job.

For me, Cushion Talk goes beyond being a trendy homeware brand. It is a platform and an extension of my voice to motivate, uplift and celebrate women. Thank you for reading my story and thank you for being here. I celebrate you!”

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