Energy Cleansing Bundle

Energy Cleansing Bundle





Cleansing bundle includes sustainably sourced products:

  • Sage, Size: 4 Inch
  • Abalone Shell, with iridescent shades of aqua blue, pink and purple, Size: Medium Approximately 4 inch
  • Palo Santo Stick, Size 4 inch

Sage and palo santo burning is a respectful Native American tradition which in some cases is used for spiritual cleansing and blessings.

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Instructions for burning:

Light only a leaf or two at a time, rather than the whole sage bundle, as it will take quite quickly.

Once done with be sure to stub out the burning end of the sage to help it keep for longer. Please do not leave unattended.

Have windows open to allow all that you no longer want to flow out and allow the new you are affirming to enter. 

YogaHaus, by Layla, a yoga teacher in multiple disciplines, creator of this wellness collective that blossomed out of the necessity for representation and cultural ascension, that is dedicated to inspiring visibility, building community and creating safe spaces to heal, explore and honour Self.

Cultivating healthy, sustainable lifestyles through yoga, holistic wellness, and conscious living, are at the heart of the Haus! 

Grounding you through nature with the YogaHaus Cork Products sustainably made from nature. 

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